CPAP Products Warranty

Since a product warranty is often a factor in consumers’ buying decisions, it is essential. CPAP Machines, Masks and Equipment warranties vary by manufacturer and product type.


CPAP products come with a manufacturer’s warranty
CPAP Product Warranty varies by product type (Device, Mask, Accessories) and their manufacturer.

Main Companies

below we list our main companies and the provision of guarantees


CPAP Masks and Supplies Warranty

Most CPAP Masks and Supplies come with a 3-month warranty. offers warranty services for all items purchased through our e-shop. Therefore, if you buy a defective mask from us,, in some cases, will not require you to send the faulty part back or wait for a repair (we will need pictures of the mask and the defective part by mail).

The defective mask or part is replaced immediately (you always cover shipping costs) if it was bought through and found defective (not due to your fault) within the warranty period.

Important Note:

CPAP store Ltd guarantees that all products sold by will have the warranty associated with the purchased product.
Everyone should carefully select the supplier for the CPAP products. For example, the device, masks, or any other supplies you purchased could have been sitting on the shelf for some time in the dealer’s warehouse. If this is the case, you may purchase a device with a shorter warranty than expected.

What Happens After CPAP Warranty Expires

Considering the above information for CPAP products warranty, you’ll need to decide if you want a repaired machine or if it’s time for a new device after it’s expired and no longer exists. To determine the right avenue for you, you have to weigh the repair cost and one old device with a brand new one.

Even if the maintenance of your machine is more cost-effective, eventually, you may need to replace a part or even the entire machine. Considering all the above, you should look at our discounts for CPAP Machines, CPAP Masks, CPAP Supplies & Accessories.

Important Notice:

This warranty doesn’t cover any damage caused by:

  • Misuse
  • Accident
  • Water ingress
  • Alteration
  • Abuse
  • Other defects not related to workmanship or material.
  • any damage or contamination due to cigarette, pipe, cigar, or other smoke.
  • any damage caused by exposure to ozone, activated oxygen, or other gases
  • any damage or contamination due to insect infestation.

In rare cases, a manufacturer won’t cover a defect under warranty reported because they determine the fault is caused by abuse or misuse of the machine or Supplies. For instance, if you drop your machine and the screen cracks and no longer works, the manufacturer will probably not cover this defect under warranty once inspecting the CPAP device.