What I need?

CPAP - Auto CPAP - Auto BiPAP
This is one of the biggest doubt our clients have, which category of the device will suit them, well the answer on this is what sleep specialist advice you after the sleep study, usually the prescription is pointed excaclty what device you need and also what adjustments should be done on it
Pillows - Nasal - Full Face Mask
There is no any specific rule about what mask will suit you or what is correct, we usually saying that with small pressure it is possible to use also Pillows Mask or Nasal Mask and for mouth breathers or for high pressure Full face Mask.
Do I need A Prescription?
The only what we need from your prescriptions is what kind of Device you need and the settings, if you dont have a prescription you are resposinble for the effects of the device uppon you.

Orders - Account and Notifications


Once you carefully add to cart your products you will need to add your personal information as it request it on the checkout page.

Once you Finish your payment, you will need to check your email for the Account information to log into it. where you will able to change the address and some otehr information for your next order. 
in order to insure your satisfaction with our services we have SMS and E-mail notifications, try to check your mails and sms for any update. 

Payments - Shipping - Returns

All our order procced with gateways such as PayPal and Skrill for Visa and Debit cards both are most famous money transactions companies, after you choose the option of payment you will procced to a secure server to complete your payment without worried about the safety of the payment.
Shipping and time of delivery
We offer free shipping and handling for Masks and Spare parts to all EU places by Post and also we offer some other shipping options. Time period for shipping it is indicating on the shipping option but it usually takes 2-5 to EU countries and 5-10 to other countries for express and 10-30 days for Free shipping, for most of the deliveries we add a tracking number and you will email notifications about the location of your products, check your emails for updates.
We offer a returns of the products within 14 days, but before that you need to get in touch with us to understant the reason you would like to return the product, also it is nessecery understant that due of medical products all should be in official package and sealed as you receive it. If the received order are fault and the mistake is our we will change the products direclty. We would like to inform me you that the cost to send the products back to us will paid by you and no need to hastle for the replacement since we will cover the cost.

Product Selection - Complaince Data - Warranty

Products selecction
Choose the products very carefully and if you in doudt please send us an email we will answer you as soon as we get your message, and together we will try to find a solution for your needs.
Complaince Data
We have clear instructions of how you will able to retrieve the data from the device and send us, so we will able to create you a PDF report with some of our advices and suggestion according the complaince you will have. Be informed that by sending us your data you agree that we can see all your medical data however we do not share them with anyone except you.
For the Devices that warranty is 2 years of each selected manufacture however the mask and spare parts haven’t warranty since there are categorize as a spare parts. Waranty covers only defective products and not damages that made from non correct usage, before any of our product get shipped we pass it throught our quility check to insure that everthing is in mind condition and in fully working condition.