Become more aware

Become more aware

Research on sleep apnea has come a long time ago from diagnosis in the mid-1960s. Today’s technology is allowing people to gain better knowledge about sleep apnea and symptoms.

Although from statistics have done have shown that both men and women can have sleep apnea, men are evident in 24%, compared with only 9% of women. Sleep apnea has been found to affect even children. However, it is more common in adults.

Research shows that person with mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea can stop breath, average from 1 to 10 times a night. During these episodes, the person may stop breathing from10sec or above of 30sec seconds per episode. Furthermore, for someone with a severe case of sleep apnea can have 30 or more episodes in one night with pausing breathing at rate of 30 seconds per episode.

Having so many pauses during sleep is the reason why sleep apnea puts a strain on your body, causing serious health issues. Good, deep, restful sleep is imperative for your body to regenerate and function properly.

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