Flying with your CPAP machine

How to choose a travel CPAP machine

Are you ready to catch your flight? You’re taking your portable CPAP machine with you, right? Of course, you are because you want to continue to prevent the bad effects of sleep apnea while you’re travelling.

These helpful tips will help you make the process of flying with your CPAP machine easier.

Things to do before you fly

  • Pack your CPAP prescription from your doctor in your CPAP case.
  • Pick a seat that has access to power if you need to use your CPAP machine on a long flight. Also, bring your airline’s phone number and website with you to check their assisted device policy. The airline has the final approval for in-flight usage.
  • FAA Compliance Letter: Download and keep with your CPAP machine.
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA): Review the airport security page for medical conditions to confirm the process for CPAP machines.
  • Review airline policies for using CPAP machines for in-flight use and restrictions for carry-ons.
  • Review a checklist of documents to take with you.

Things to do when you fly

  • Bring your CPAP machine in its case as a carry-on.
  • Prepare to show appropriate documentation (pack with your machine).
  • Remove your CPAP from your luggage for security.
  • Turn the humidifier off, and turn on aeroplane mode (if your CPAP machine has it)

his blog post contains general information about medical conditions and potential treatments. It is not medical advice. If you have any medical questions, please consult your doctor.

Disclaimer: This blog post provides a general overview of medical conditions and potential treatments. It is not intended as medical advice. For personalized medical guidance, please consult your healthcare professional.